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Effective auto insurance plans incorporate both your wants and needs with respect to your specific lifestyle factors and preferences—which may include meeting your state’s minimum requirements,  adjusting the plan to your preferred deductible/liability levels, and customizing your plan to your automobile’s value and potential loan applicability.

Whatever your desired goals— Weese Insurance Agency is armed with the knowledge and agility to help you achieve them. Perhaps the biggest cost savings advantage is to investigate the range of options associated with bundling your home/rental and auto insurance—a benefit that often goes unrealized. In many cases, your auto insurance cost can go down when bundling it with home/rental insurance—and it can even pay for your renter’s insurance altogether.

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Auto Insurance FAQs

How much auto insurance does Colorado require?

To ensure everyone on the road is covered in case of an accident, Colorado requires drivers to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance of $25,000 per person for bodily injury liability, $50,000 per accident for bodily injury liability, $15,000 for property damage per accident

What is Full Coverage?

“Full Coverage” is a layman’s term that most people use to describe Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

  • Comprehensive Coverage - (damage to your car resulting from theft, vandalism, fire, falling objects, flooding, hitting an animal, etc.)
  • Collision Coverage – (damage to your car resulting from a collision with an object or as a result of flipping over)

The average person is often mistaken by the term, giving them the impression that everything and anything that happens will be taken care of by the insurance company.

Is anyone who drives my car covered under my personal auto policy?

Anyone who operates your automobile is covered under your insurance, as long as they have a valid drivers’ license. Any at-fault accidents they cause may affect your premium.

Why are they not repairing my car with OEM parts?

Your vehicle did not have brand new parts on it at the time of loss, the insurance company is required to put you whole, not benefit you in excess to your prior status. You can opt for OEM parts and pay the difference out of pocket with most repair shops.

What do I need to know in case of an auto accident?

  • Stay calm, even if the other person isn’t calm, you should remain calm.
  • Don't move an injured person -- unless they're in immediate danger.
  • Don't move your vehicle unless it impedes traffic.
  • Don’t leave the scene of an accident, wait for the police to arrive.
  • Don't blame the accident on anyone - including yourself. Give your full description of the accident only to the investigating police officer.
  • Exchange information with the other driver. Take photos of license plate numbers and damage of other involved vehicles.
  • Contact our office immediately - don’t assume we’ll find out another way.
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