Life Insurance

Life insurance is a very personal policy that needs to directly map to your goals. To help you get started, we run through a simple needs analysis which helps you uncover your true needs and potential corresponding solutions. Because your included death benefits could range from the bare minimum to income replacement coverage; we have a conversation with you to find out what your goals are for what you leave behind – and develop an effective plan around that.

If your goals are to provide continued mortgage payments, higher education coverage for kids, debt payoff, etc., for a desired period of time—we determine what’s important to you and build a plan to achieve your goals. You can make it as simple or as long-lasting as you wish – we help you outline the costs and navigate the approach to get there.

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Life Insurance FAQs

Which should I choose, term or whole life?

Term life insurance is great for covering set risks, 30 year mortgage can be covered by a 30 year term policy. You can then supplement this by adding a much smaller whole life policy because your end of life expenses should be lower once retired and debts like home, auto, etc have been paid off.

How much life insurance do I “Need”?

Enough to make sure your dependents can maintain a similar lifestyle to live the way they do now. Prioritize children first, unborn (planned) kids second, mortgage, spouse and even parents. You don’t want your family to work through mourning your loss while still making sure to make ends meet.  This is commonly known as your “Need”.

I already have it through my employer…

Based on your “Need”, simply include employers benefit to determine if you need an additional policy to supplement your total need. Also, be sure that the life insurance provided by your employer is portable (you can retain the policy if you leave)? If not, you may decide to purchase a policy that meets your total “Need”.

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