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Home Insurance

The three building blocks to basic homeowners insurance include:

  • Ensuring the structure/improvement is insured
  • Ensuring the home contents are included in the coverage
  • Ensuring you have adequate liability coverage

We have a process for determining the most competitive rates for your needs – involving a thorough review of the replacement cost calculator for all aspects of your home, customizing the insurance plan accordingly, and providing our expertise to compare costs and ensure you are not needlessly over insured.

We then advise you and suggest alternatives for insuring your home—which is a step that most insurance agencies don’t do (most simply give you the final ‘number’ for what you should be insured for). Armed with the knowledge of all possibilities, you are able to decide on the best home coverage for your needs.

If you have jewelry or fine art that needs to be scheduled – these additional components will be discussed and determined. We also offer renter’s insurance that coverages the contents/assets you have within the rental property, as well as liability to cover unexpected events that occur.

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Auto Insurance

Effective auto insurance plans incorporate both your wants and needs with respect to your specific lifestyle factors and preferences—which may include meeting your state’s minimum requirements,  adjusting the plan to your preferred deductible/liability levels, and customizing your plan to your automobile’s value and potential loan applicability.

Whatever your desired goals— Weese Insurance Agency is armed with the knowledge and agility to help you achieve them. Perhaps the biggest cost savings advantage is to investigate the range of options associated with bundling your home/rental and auto insurance—a benefit that often goes unrealized. In many cases, your auto insurance cost can go down when bundling it with home/rental insurance—and it can even pay for your renter’s insurance altogether.

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Umbrella Insurance

Major claims and lawsuits can suddenly put your assets at risk. When the insurance policy runs out, you can then be exposed to a civil suit. To protect your assets, umbrella insurance kicks in as an excess policy—so that when liability is exhausted, you still have coverage that further protects you. Let us guide you as to the best ways umbrella insurance can protect you in such scenarios.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance is a very personal policy that needs to directly map to your goals. To help you get started, we run through a simple needs analysis which helps you uncover your true needs and potential corresponding solutions. Because your included death benefits could range from the bare minimum to income replacement coverage; we have a conversation with you to find out what your goals are for what you leave behind – and develop an effective plan around that.

If your goals are to provide continued mortgage payments, higher education coverage for kids, debt payoff, etc., for a desired period of time—we determine what’s important to you and build a plan to achieve your goals. You can make it as simple or as long-lasting as you wish – we help you outline the costs and navigate the approach to get there.

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